Obituary - 2013-14
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Inna                      Innadagutthu I. Shivanna Shetty (87)                      16/01/2013
I. Shivanna Shetty
Inna, Jan. 16th, 2013:  I. Shivanna Shetty (87) from prestigious Innadagutthu (Gutthinar) family passed away on Wednesday, January 16th, at his residence, after a brief period of illness.  Having served as the president of Inna Grama Panchayat, he was responsible for electricity supply, Inna-Kanjarkatte road, Kurkilabettu school building and other projects.  He was the managing trustee of Inna Muddanu Shri Mahalingeshwara temple for many years.  He had played an important role in the development of Inna Shri Dhoomavati and Inna Shri Babbuswamy deivasthanas as the president of their committees.  Being a founder of Sadguru Shri Nityananda Bhajana Manidra, its golden jubilee was celebrated in a grand manner. 
Mulki, Feb. 2nd, 2013:  Kittamma Poojarthy (95) passed away at her residence in Mulki.  She was working as a midwife even in her later age and had received many awards from various organisations.  She is survived by 5 sons and 6 daughters.
Mulki                                            Kittamma Poojarthy (95)                    02/02/2013
He had also served as the correspondent of Inna M.V. Shastri school and the president of ZP Hr. Pr. School.  He is survived by his wife, three sons and five daughters.  His last rites will be held on Thursday.  MLA Gopal Bhandary, ZP member Supreeth Shetty and others have conveyed their condolences.
Padubidri                         Kornaya Padmavatiamma (94)                    13/03/2013
Padubidri, March 13th, 2013:  Kornaya Padmavatiamma (94), wife of Chief Gurikara Late Kornaya Narayana Rao of Bengre Shivalli Brahmana Hatthu Samastharu, passed away on Wednesday at here residence due old age and brief period of illness, at her residence.   She is survived by three sons including Shri Vanadurga Trust President Gurikara Kornaya Sripathi Rao, and six daughters. Khadgeshwari Brahmasthana's Darshana Patris Narayan Rao & Laxminarayan Rao, Shri Vanadurga Trust office-bearers Murudi Mohan Rao, Gudde Vittal Rao, Srinivas Rao, Y.N. Ramachandra Rao, Suresh Rao Y. and others were present during her last rites.
Mulki                               Sandhya Mahesh Acharya(35)                    01/03/2013
Mulki, March 1st, 2013:  Sandhya Mahesh Acharya (35), wife of Karnad Ambika Interials Mahesh Acharya, passed away on March 1st, after a brief period of illness.  She used to take active part in various social and cultural activities and used to be a judge for various school competitions.  She is survived by her father, mother, husband and a son.
Mulki                                 K. Ganapathi Rao (77)                                  11/04/2013
Mulki, April 11th, 2014:  K. Ganapathi Rao (77), a retired chief manager of Canara Bank, passed away at his residence in Bangalore on Thursday, April 11th, 2013, due to heart attack.  He is survived by his wife.
Mulki                              K. Baburaya Pabhu (78)                               16/04/2013
Mulki, April 16th, 2013:  Kakva Baburaya Prabhu (78), passed away on Tuesday, April 16th, at a private hospital after a brief period of illness.  He was a retired Postmaster and well known for his good personality and service nature.  He is survived by his wife, son and a daughter.
Carnatic music maestro Subraya Mani Bhagawatar no more
Padubidri, June 13th, 2013:  Carnatic music maestro Subraya Mani Bhagawatar (95) passed away on Thursday morning, the June 13th, at his residence in Padubidri.  He was the favourite student of renowned Carnatic music maestro Late Chembei Vaidyanath Bhagawatar.  Wearing traditional Keralite costumes he had contributed to Carnatic music for the last 75 years and has won hearts of the people by his simplicity.  In the beginning of his career, he taught music to scores of students from Kasargod, Mulleria and Badiyadka.    Read more
Mulki                                Dr. Ranganath Rayappa Kamath (83)              04/09/2013
Mulki, September 4th, 2013:  Dr. Ranganath Rayappa Kamath (83), son of veteran freedom fighter & recipient of Saraswata Ratna award, Latet Rayappa Kamath, passed away on Wednesday, Sept. 4th, at his residence.  He had retired after 33 years of service as  Assistant Director of veterinary department of Karnataka government, he has been serving as department head of venterniary department in SDM college, Ujire, He gave highest importance to Kannada language and used Kannada for all correspondence.  His elder son Rayappa Kamath is serving as senior engineer in Lamina and his younger son Shrivaprasad Kamath has retired from Indian Army and serving in Muscat as an engineer.  His elder daughter Rs. Manjula is a professor and Asst. director in Yeneporya univerisity. His younger daughter Dr. Shanteri Shneoy is in London.
Mulki                                       Hariappa Salian Badagu Hithlu (60)           19/09/2013
Mulki, September 19th, 2013:  Hariappa Salian Badagu Hithlu, a resident of Bappanadu Badagu Hithlu, passed away on Thursday at his residence.  He was in hotel business and has been serving as the president of Mulki Billava Samaja Seva Sangha, working committee.  He had served as the sercretary of Mulki Billava Samaja Seva Sangha and has been the vice president of Mulki Sarvajanika Ganeshotsava Samiti and served as  office bearer in serveral other organisations.

He is survived by his wife, a son and a daughter.
Yermal Tenka                                 Y. Panduranga (64)                              16/10/2013
Yermal Tenka, October 16th, 2013:  Y. Panduranga (64), a resident of Yermal Tenka Hadi Mane, passed away on Wednesday, October 16th, at his residence, after a brief peiod of illness.  He was a well known agriculturist and has been serving as a supervisor of Shri Brahma Baidarkala (Sandudanthi) Garadi for many years.  He is survived by his son and two daughters.]

Udupi district minister-in-charge Vinay Kumar Sorake, former minister Vasanth V. Salian, Zilla panchayat former president Katapadi Shankar Poojary, Zilla Panchayat member Gitanjali Suvarna and others paid homage.
Padubidri                                       Prakash Acharya (58)                       28/10/2013
Padubidri, October 28th, 2013:  Prakash Acharya (58), S/O Late Chandraya Acharya and Late Girija Acharya, passed away on Monday morning at 1.30 am, after suffering a  heart attack.  He was well known in Padubidri town, being the owner of Giri-Chandra complex and Adarsh Jewellers.  He was one of the pioneers in organising musical events in Padubidri by the name of "Prakash Musicals."  He had served as the vice president of Durga Devi Bhajana Mandali.  He is survived by wife, three sons, two brothers (Durgaprasad Jewellers' Ramesh Acharya and Jagadish Acharya) and four sisters (out of five).
Padubidri                                      Shankar Devu Amin                          26/10/2013 
Padubidri, October 26th, 2013:  Shankar Devu Amin, S/O Late Devu Amin, passed away on October 26th, after suffering a heart attack.  Being and autorickshaw driver and a resident of Padubidri market or former Travellers Bungalow area, he was popularly known as "Bangle Shankaranna."  He is survived by wife and a daughter.
Hejmady                                   Hejmady Haji PK Moiddin (94)             09/12/2013
Hejmady, December 10th, 2013  Hejmady Haji PK Moiddin (94) passed away at his own residence on Monday evening  (9th Dec.), after a bried period of illness.  He was involved in dry fish business in the past.  He is survived by 6 sons and 5 daughters and a large number of well-wishers.

His last rites were held on Tuesday.
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Avaral Matti                            Jenendra Johhn Furtado                                   22/08/2014
Jenendra John Furtado (35), son of former Mandal Panchayat president Mr. Albert Furtado and Mrs. Elsie Furtado, residing at Furtado Villa of Avaral Matti, passed away this evening in a private hospital in Manipal, after a brief period of illness.  He is survived by his 41-day-old infant daughter, wife Felcita Furtado, father, mother, brothers Jeethendra Furtado, Jnanendra Furtado, Jeevander Furtado, sisters Sharlet Furtado and Savita Furtado.  He was a very kind hearted and friendly person and was active in many organisations.  He was the president of Palimar unit of Bharat Nirman, president of Sthaneeya Yuva Congress, leader of Palimar St. Pius Church youth wing and the treasurer of Catholic Sabha.