Padubidri, September 12th, 2014:  S.A. Razak, popularly known as Razak Master, passed away on Thursday night at an age of 78, after a brief period of illness.  Starting his career as a teacher at Surathkal KREC primary school, he served for a very long period of 35 years as a headmaster at Padubidri Urdu Aided Higher Primary School. He had bagged district-level "Best Teacher" award in the year 1992-93.  He took active part in the "Total Literacy Campaign" by imparting educational training at Padubidri, Hejmady, Nandikur and Palimar, in the year 1990-91.  After retiring, he had worked as a Students Officer in Mangalore Yenepoya Dental college.    He is survived by wife, 3 sons and 2 daughters.
Padubidri                                S.A. Razak Master                                          12/09/2014
Padubidri                                                     Suraj Kumar                               12/11/2014
Padubidri, Nov. 12th, 2014:  Suraj Kumar (52), popularly known as Soorya, passed away on Tuesday night after suffering a heart attack.  He was the fourth son of Late Gangadhar Achar and Mrs. P.G. Lalitha Achar.  After working in Dubai for many years, he was working as a supervisor with Ashoka Impex, Bantakal.  He is survived by his wife Jayashree Suraj, first daughter Pooja, 30-day-old infant girl, mother, brothers Mohan, Harish and the only sister Nalini.  He was very soft spoken, polite and well mannered person.
Obituary in year 2013-14
Padebettu                                               Omayya Shetty                        01/02/2015
Padubidri, February 1st, 2015:  Padebettu Shri Subrahmanya temple management advisory committee member and senior agriculturist Padebettu Omayya Shetty (76) passed away on Sunday morning at a private hospital in Mangalore after a brief period of illness.  Hailing from a Guttina family, he had started a Bhajana Mandali in Shri Subrahmanya temple around 50 years ago and was responsible for the smooth running of it till date.  He was the past vice president of Padubidr Buntara Sangha and was serving as the director in the management committee of Padebettu Djhoomavati temple.  He is survived by wife, two sons and a daughter.
Padubidri, January 28th, 2015:  Inna Muddanu Shri Mahalingeshwara temple mangaement committee member and contractor K. Udayshankar Kamat (45) from Kanjarkette passed away on Wednesday, Januray 28th, at a private hospital in Mangalore.  He was taking  treatment for obesity and had undergone a surgery on Monday.  He was recovering from the surgery but on Wednesday morning his health deterioriated and was declared dead.  He was actively involved in various social service activities and was the founder president of Kadekunja Ayyappa temple.  He is survived by his wife and a son.
Padubidri                               Katapadikar Devidas Shenoy                       22/01/2015
Padubidri, January 22nd, 2015:  Senior Congress leader Katapadikar Devidas Shenoy (87) passed away this morning at his residence in Padubidri.  He was the president of Padubidri Grama Panchayat during the period from 1967 to 1983 and he was also the first president of CA Sahakari Bank Okkoota of Padubidri, Hejmady and Palimar.  He was also a trustee of Padubidri Shri Mahalingeshwara Mahaganapati temple. He was the founder of Katapadikar Textiles in Paduidri.  He is survived by his wife, 3 sons and a daughter.
Inna                                              K. Udayshankar Kamat                          28/01/2015
Padubidri                                        Prabhakar Acharya                    25/04/2016
Padubidri, April 25th, 2016:  Sri Ram Finance;s national head, Prabhakar Acharya (44) from Padubidri Beedu area, succumbed to his injuries on Monday morning, from an accident that had taken place on April 16th.  He was first taken to Srinivas hospital in Mukka and thereafter to a private hospital in Mangalore.

He is survived by his wife, three-year-old daughter, mother, 3 sisters and a brother.

Officials from Sri Ram finance, family members, wellwishers, friends and Vishwakarma commkunity leaders attended his funeral held on Monday evening. .....  Read more
Padubidri Beedu Chandayya Arasu Kinyakka Ballal                   23/02/2016
Padubidri, Feb. 23rd, 2016:  Padubidri Beedu Chanayya Arasu Kinyakka Ballal (91), an old generation Arasu (King) from Jain Arasu heritage, passed away at his Beedu Palace residence on Tuesday, after a brief period of illness.  He had become the Padubidri Beedu king in the year 1971 and ascended the throne in a traditional way in the year 2002. 

He was serving as the hereditary trustee of Shri Mahalingeshwara Mahaganapathi temple for the last 30 years and has been instrumental in the development of the temple.  He was also one of the administrative trustees of SDM Educational Trust.
Padubidri                     Padubidri Ramanatha Acharya                    12/04/2016
Padubidri, April 12th, 2016:  Shree Puthige Mutt's Asthana Vidwan and renowned teacher Ramanatha Acharya (89) from Rajapurohit class priest family passed away on Tuesday, April 12th, after a brief period of illness.  Being a post graduate in Samskrit, Hindi and Kannada, he had served as a teacher, Padubidri Khadgeshwari Brahmasthana's priest and also had contested in Vidhana Sabha elections twice from Kaup constituency as an independent candidate.
Yermal                                           PK Salian                      02/01/2016
Padubidri, Jan. 26th, 2016:  Retired director of instruction in Mangalore Fisheries college, P.K. Salian (82), son of Yermal fisheries leader Late Y. Koragappa V. Puthran,  passed away on Monday at his son's residence in Bangalore, after a brief period of illness.  He had excelled in the fish processing research and he was in the forefront to introduce the Japanese research technology to the nation.
He had widely travelled around the world under United Nations' Food And Agriculture Organisation (FAO), being an Advisory Committee member for Indian Fisheries Research Institute and had his personal contribution ....    Read more
Adve                                   Konkanottu Raghuram N. Shetty                    23/07/2016
Padubidri, July 23rd, 2016:  Well known agriculturist and Nandikoor Shri Durgaparameshwari temple trustee Konkonottu Raghuram N. Shetty (62) passed away on Saturaday morning, July 23rd, at a private hospital in Mangaluru after a brief period of illness.  Being an environmentalist, he was in the forefront during the struggle against various coal-based power projects, serviing as the vice president of Nandikoor Janajagruti Samiti.  He had also served as the vice president of Adve Koti Chennaya Kambala Samiti and also as the vice president of Nandikoor temple's renovation committee.  Being an excellent agiculturist he had bagged many awards and he was loved by the people.
Padubidri                               P. Sadananda Pai                                  29/07/2016
Padubidri, July  29th, 2016:  P. Sadananda Pai (81), popularly known as 'Nander' residing at Pai Nivas near Padubidri bus stand passed away on Thursday night due to heart attack. 

He was owning shop called 'Pai Stores' at the prime area of Hejamady and he was popular through his travel agency.

He is survived by his wife, two sons and a daughter.
Padubidri                             Hayagreeva Acharya                                09/08/2016
Padubidri, August 9th, 2016:  Retired teacher Hayagreeva Acharya (89) passed away on Monday, 11th August, after a couple of days illness.  He was popularly known as Hindi Pandit by his students and had served at Govt. Fisheries High School, Padubidri, at Hejamady, Navunda and other places.  He had vast knowledge of Kannada, Samskrit and Hindi.  He was a very good director of dramas and mythology.  After his retirement, he used to involve seniors and juniors of Brahmin communithy and conduct "Vishunu Sahasranama Parayana" at Mahaganapathi temple and Khadgeshwari Brahmasthana.    He is survived by his wife, two sons and three daughters.
Hejamady                        Gunapal A. Nayak                                      14/11/2016
Retired physical edoucation teacher Gunapal A. Nayak (73) passed away on Monday morning at his residence in Hejamady, after suffering a heart attack. 

He had served in Gapapathi High School in Padubidri for a very long time and after his retirement, he was engaged in agricultural activities.

He is survived by his wife, son formal Taluk Panchayat member Sachin G. Nayak and two daughters.
Padubidri                        Janaki Shetty                                        14/11/2016
Paduhithlu Mukkali Mane Janaki Shetty (96), wife of Late Vittal Shetty Bailoor, passed away on Monday at her residence due to old age.

She is survived by a son and a daughter.  Her son Sudhakar Shetty is the Guttinar of Paduhithlu Shri Jarandaya Daivasthana.
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