Padubidri: Padubidri is a small and busy town in Udupi District of Karnataka state and it is also known as Padubidre or Paddedra in local Tulu language. It is ideally situated between two important cities - Mangalore and Udupi of coastal Karnataka. National Highway No.66 (former NH-17) passes through Padubidri town connecting the states of Goa, Maharashtra, Karnataka and Kerala. State highway for Kudremukh also originates from here connecting Padubidri to Kottigehara via Karkala, Bajagoli, Malleshwara, Kalasa and Magunidi. This has made it a convenient tourist junction. It has famous temples, fine restaurants, picturesque places and a clean beach. It is well known for peace and communal harmony. Nadsalu, Avaraalu, Bengre and Padebettu subdivisions form Padubidri. Annual car festival at Mahalingeshwara Maha Ganapathi temple and the bi-annual Dakke Bali at Brahmasthana attract thousands of people.

National Highway No.66 (former NH-17) passing through Padubidri is expected to be upgraded to a four lane high way. The final decision is yet to be taken regarding the route to be taken. There are plans to either widen the existing highway, by demolishing existing shops and other business establishments on both side of the existing road, or to take a new route from the eastern side, but at the expense of many residential areas. There are strong rumours about second option being implemented.
Padubidri is also at the forefront in the field of sports and various other cultural activities. It has successfully hosted State Level Day & Night cricket matches under the floodlight.  Padubidri cricketers hosted the first floodlit cricket match and Mr. Erapalli Prasanna and the Hindi film actor Karan Shah were the famous personalities to attend the closing ceremony. Padubidri Friends Cricketers hosted the other match in 2006 to mark their 25th anniversary and the star attraction for the closing ceremony was former test cricketer Javagal Srinath. Karavali friends hosted the first floodlit Volley ball tournament in Padubidri. The local bodies of International service organizations such as JCI, Lions club and Rotary club are regularly conducting various cultural events and unique sporting events. Overall, the town of Padubidri is always in the limelight some way or the other, and more recently due to the controversy over projects like Nagarjuna and Suzlon. Padubidri is now a busy town with  new business activities
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How to reach Padubidri?: Padubidri is well connected by road, rail and by air. Many luxury buses operate from Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore and from many other cities. Padubidri and Mulki railway stations are at close proximity. Konkan Railway connects Padubidri to many major destinations in India. Closest Airport is Mangalore Airport serving both domestic & Internationnal destinations in the Gulf countries. Jet airways, Air India (Indian Airlines), Spice Jet and Air India Express operate flights to Bombay and Bangalore. Air India Express and Jet Airways operate International flights to the Gulf countries.. The airport is located 23 Kms from Mangalore (Hampankatta) and 32 Kms from Padubidri.
Synefra Engineering & Construction, formerly known as Suzlon Infrastructure Ltd., has set up a Special Economic Zone (SEZ)  at Padubidri, for Hi-tech engineering products and services in Mangalore with all legal and statutory compliances in place.
It covers an area of 641.30 Acres.  Its existing units are:
SE Composites Limited - European aerodynamics technology based wind turbine component Manufacturer
Suzlon Wind International Limited - German engineering equipped technology based wind turbine Component manufacturer.
Synefra Padubidri SEZ web site
Padubidri statitics as per census dated 01.04.05 as displayed at Grama Panchayath office.
                        Nadsal          Padebettu
Area                    2295-52        890-16
Houses                2092             410
No. of Males         5245             875
No. of Females     5742            1076
Total population  10987            1971
Total area: 3185-68
Total houses: 2502
Total male population: 6120
Total female population: 6838
Total population: 12958
UPCL power plant: Udupi Power Company (Nagarjuna / Lanco) - Thermal Power Plant constructed near Padubidri. 2 units of 600 MW each, using a 374 meters tall single chimney common for both units with two exhaust pipes inside, and each unit consits of a cooling tower (145 meters tall - on the left side of the chimney as shown on this picture), Electro-static precipitator, boiler and turbine generator. Production from one of the units has started on June 3rd, 2010. More photos.....    Lanco's UPCL web site
Mangalore SEZ in Padubidri
About Padubidri
Udupi Power Corporation. Ltd. (Nagarjuna / Lanco Infratech Ltd.) has built a coal based thermal power plant of 1200 MW at an approximate cost of Rs.4900 crores at the surrounding villages of Padubidri. The first unit of 600 MW has been commissioned on June 3rd, 2010. Also Suzlon Energy has started windmill manufacturing project at an estimated cost of Rs. 1,000 crore. The production of 42 meter long windmill fans has already started and one can see huge trucks carrying these fans (two at a time) to New Mangalore Port for export. These two projects have attracted people from all over India and on Sundays Padubidri looks unusually crowded with people working in these projects doing their weekly shopping.
Your gateway to the town of Padubidri
STD code: 0820
PIN code: 574111
from Padubidri to:
Udupi         23 km
Mangalore  37 km
Karkala      30 km
Kolluru       96 km
Kudremukh 78 km
Shimoga     85 km
Bangalore 384 km
Panjim      343 km
Mumbai     900 km
SRI DEVI Communications
Mahadevi Complex
Padubidri - 574111

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Padubidri Plant of Suzlon Energy: 42 meter long Windmill fan units ready for   transportation to New Mangalore port for export.

News from Padubidri and other nearby places
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Dakke Bali-2013
Two injured in a road accident between a car and a bus near Hejmady dhaba
Padubidri, February 23rd, 2015:  A service bus entering the highway from Hejmady inner road collided with a Maruti Swift car coming from Mulki on Monday morning near Hejmady djaba on Monday around 10 am. With the impact, the bus pushed the car for about 20 meters to the opposite side of the road upto Dashamesh Family Punjabi Dhaba.  The electric pole near the dhaba prevented.further movement of the vehicles into the dhaba.  Ashfak (24), son of Farooq from Hejmady ...Read more
A bus hits two vehicles near Kolnad injuring 15 persons
Mulki, February 6th, 2015:  A bus had a head-on collision with a tempo and also collided with a mini lorry carrying gas cylinders while attempting to overtake a service bus stopped at the roadside near Kolnad petrol bunk on Thursday, March 5th. The driver Ramesh of the Vishal bus, mini lorry driver Mazmer Ahmed, passengers Manjula, Pavitra, Prasanna and Siddharth have been critically injured. Although a large crowd gathered near the accident spot, no one came forward to help.  .... Read more

A 10-year-old boy from Inna gives life to clay
Padubidri, March 9th, 2014:  A ten-year-old boy from Inna has proved that age is not a barrier for achievement.  He has become an expert in miniature clay art and has won many awards for his achievement.  Lawrence Pinto, son of Ligory and Jyothi PInto from Inna village, is a IVth standard student of Laxmi Janardhana school in Belman. 
Fed up of his mischieves while studying in the 1st standard, his mother sent him to an art school as a student of famous artist Venky Palimar..  ....  Read more
Inna's wooden beauty - a Thai designed farmhouse attracting people
Padubidri, March 10th, 2014:  A Thai designed wooden farmhouse in Inna, a village near Padubidri has been attracting people for its design and beauty.  The entited house is built of teak imported from Thailand.  It is built by I. Chandrakanth Rao, a first rank holder in mechanical engineering at NITK Surathkal.  After working at various parts of the country and abroad, he had one question in his mind.  "Innadinda Ellige" (Where to from Inna), till he considered ....   Read more
Around 12,000 devotees take part in the "Sarvajanika Anna Santarpane" ceremony of the last bi-annual "Dakke Bali Seve"
Padubidri, March 13th, 2015:  The last Dakke Bali seve of the year was held on Thursday, March 15th, at world famous Shri Khadgeshwari Brahmasthana in Padubidri on Thursday, March 12th..  Around 12,000 devotees had meals at the "Sarvarjanika Anna Santarpane" held at Shri Mahalingeshwara Mahaganapathi temple.  Also a large number of people took part in the "Hore Kanike" ..  Read more

Padubidri Rathotsava-2015
Padubidri, March 22nd, 2015:  Annual Maha Rathotsava was held at Shri Mahalingeshwara Mahaganapathi temple in Padubidri on Saturrday, March 21st.  Thousands of devotees took part.  On account of Maha Rathotsava, on March 18th night:  Yakshagana Bayalata "Mahisha Mardini" by Shri Gajanana Yakshagana Kala Mandali and on March 21st night:  Musical programme by Shashi Musicals were held. Variety entertainment programme by Vanadurga friends will be held.tonight.    . 
Padubidri Chendu Utsava-2015
Padubidri, March 23rd, 2015:  Padubidri Chendu Utsava was held on March 22nd on account of Annual Rathotsava at Shri Mahalingeshwara Mahaganapathi temp[le.  Many youth took active part in the game.  Udupi district minister-in-charge Vjinay Kumar Sorake, Udupi DC R. Vishal, Temple Renovation committe president "Banjara" Prakash Shetty, former MLA Lalaji R. Mendon and others were present.  During the Ratri Utsava on 21st night, a specially deocated "Pallakki" with flowers by Navadurga Trust attracted the devotees.    More pictures
Stolen car from Kinnimulky found abandoned in Padubidri
Padubidri, March 29th, 2015:  A Fiat Punto car stolen from Auto Point near Kinnimulky on Friday was found abandoned in Padubidri-Karkala road in front of Vikram Wines. on Saturday.  It has fallen off from the state highway into the service road below.  It was stolen alongwith a Hyundai i10 car from the same locality.  The stolen car had no number plate at the rear and presumably abandoned after it ran out of fuel.  There is also a possibility thet ... Read more
Hejmady Toll gate Virodhi Horata Samiti warns against toll collection
Padubidri, April 1st, 2015:  Hejmady Toll gate Virodhi Horata Samiti staged a protest on Wednesday, April 1st, in front of the toll gate structure at Hejmady and warned that it would not allow the toll collection.  The protest was organised in association with various organisations and over 200 people from  Hejmady, Padubidri, Palimar, Yermal and Uchila took part.  Addressing the protesters, the Samit president Vishwas Amin said that the protest will be .....      Read more
Various organisations stage a protest against Hejmady toll gate
Padubidri, April 5th, 2015:  Toll gate Virodhi Horata Samiti, in association with several organisations, staged a protest against Hejmady toll gate on Sunday, April 5th,  Addressing the gathering, the president of the samiti Vishwas Amin said that the toll gate collection is a national problem and the people elected by us should take steps to stop collection of toll.  "This is a non-political fight and all people should join hands to stop this," he urged the people..     Read more
Bappanadu Shri Durgaparameshwari temple "Rathotsava-2015"
Padubidri, April 11th, 2015:  Shri Kshetra Bappanadu Shri Durgaparameshwari temple's annual Rathotsava was celebrated on April 10th, 2014 in the presence of Sasihithlu Shri Bhagavati Devi.  A large number of devotees attended the festival.  The Shayanotsava was celebrated on Thursday in which a record number of jasmine flowers were offered to the deity.     More pictures